Are you a coach or healer struggling with confidence and taking your business to the next level?
Then this is for you!

Is this you...?

  • Do you often struggle with confidence in your success, chasing those elusive $10k months?
  • D​o you suffer from “Imposter Syndrome,” or have fear of being visible and showing up as your authentic self?
  • ​Do you sabotage your success, have a hard time showing up consistently and worry about standing out as a coach?
  • Are you charging too little for your services because you're afraid to charge more? 
  • ​Do you cringe at the thought of making your offer, naming your price and selling your services?
  • Do you spend too long with each client getting the results they pay you for, or worry that it takes too long to get the transformation they are looking for?
  • ​Does it take you a very long time to dig up the real deeper issue your clients are struggling with before you can even help them?
  • Do you wish you had someone to come to when you’re stuck in your coaching to give you additional guidance and mentorship?
  • ​Do you crave a community of like-minded coaches to support you, celebrate with you and share your experience with?
Imagine feeling more confident in your skills and seeing your clients get results faster, spending less time with each client while charging more so you can serve more people and create a bigger impact in the world!

What if you could...

  • ​Get your clients results faster  getting to the root cause of their issue in minutes! 
  • ​Charge more for each session — so you can actually grow your business and enjoy your life!
  • ​Spend less time with each client — so you can help more people!
  • ​Have confidence knowing you can help any client you work with!
  • ​Create lasting change for your clients — Release the issue at the root so it's gone forever!

Hi! We are Kip & Marina Brooks!

We are the founders of Brooks Empowerment Academy Inc. and we're super excited that you're here!

We know that the Era of the Coach is NOW and we are passionate about growing and supporting a community of coaches and healers who are on a mission to heal the world from all the pain, suffering and self-imposed limitations that is the reality for many in this day and age. Together we look to create a better existence for as many people as possible!

About us...

We are coaches, speakers, authors, trainers and teachers, as well as parents to three awesome boys who are already up to big things in this world!

Through our own personal journey of overcoming depression, social anxiety, suicidal thoughts and a whole lot of suffering, we have accumulated a wealth of knowledge and a stack of super powerful tool. We've seen miracles occur in ourselves, our colleagues and clients, and it's from this place that we developed our Root Cause Release™ technique for releasing deep mental and emotional baggage in a matter of minutes.

We are trained and certified as Trainers and Master Practitioners of N.L.P. and Advanced Practitioners of  Theta Healing®. We also hold certificates in Hypnosis, Timeline Therapy®/Mental and Emotional Release® Technique, Neuroscience, and E.F.T.™ (Emotional Freedom Technique.)

While we coach a small selection of private clients we are mostly passionate about teaching other coaches and healers the skills and techniques we've learned, use and continue to use to completely transform our own lives.

Using these incredibly powerful tools we have helped clients release negative limiting thinking, emotional pain and distress, P.T.S.D., phobias, heal from trauma, anxiety, depression, vertigo, epilepsy, and so much more. We even had cases of anaphylactic allergies cured in a matter of minutes!

We are so excited to now share our knowledge, tools and expertise in our trainings and courses!

Learn the most powerful and effective tools in the industry, putting you in the top 2% of all coaches!

The Root Cause Release™ Training, Mentorship & Certification Program

Finally, the certification and training for coaches and healers looking to take their skills to the top that will help you be confident, charge more and create a bigger impact on your clients and the world!

What some of our students have to say...

"Going through the Root Cause Release™ training with Kip and Marina is one of the best things I have done for my coaching business; I've loved other trainings as well and building on that NLP-foundation, this one was like the icing on the cake for me. The training is very thorough...Kip and Marina clearly know their stuff and were very hands-on with answering questions in between sessions. They really care about the quality of their training and it shows from the accountability partners to the materials and the ability to get every question you may have answered. And I love using it with my clients; it's such an amazing tool to get quick and easy results, and people I speak with really gravitate towards it. It's truly a game changer. Thanks again for the amazing experience!"

ILONA VANDERWOUDE | Ilona Vanderwoude Coaching

"It’s impossible to sum up the impact that Kip and Marina have had and continue to have on my life and that of so many others. Two days after meeting them they got rid of my life-threatening allergies which had been affecting me for 20 years, in just twenty minutes!

After that life-changing experience, I took their NLP practitioner course. It was truly one of the greatest courses I’ve taken. Their attention to detail, passion and knowledge in the subject, as well as their heart-felt commitment to being of service, allowed them to put together a powerful and fascinating course chock-full of value! Their love for each other and other people makes them a true inspiration.

Being a personal development junkie, I have taken tons of courses and met countless teachers/trainers/coaches. I can honestly say that it’s rare to encounter such authentic and loving coaches, who truly walk their talk."

MELISSA ACUNA-DENGO | Entrepreneur, Coach & Speaker

"I appreciate all of the time and effort you put into the NLP training course you prepared and taught. There were other NLP training options, but I am thrilled I chose your program. Not only did you have a thorough knowledge of the material, but you were able to take a tremendous amount of information and break it down into very succinct and meaningful lessons. It was very apparent to me that you have a very deep understanding of the material yourself. 

I also wanted to thank you for working with me on one of the coaching sessions following my Intensive Release Session. You were able to quickly understand the challenges I faced and helped me identify solutions to move beyond them.   

As always, it is a pleasure working with you!"

KAREN PETERSON | The Emotional Warrior Coaching

"You MUST get to know these two! I feel more empowered by just hearing them teach, I am seeing immediate results! I know you will feel and experience the same, the tools and understanding are truly EMPOWERING! 
Experience True EMPOWERMENT like I am! Thank you Kip & Marina!"

PATRICK WILLIAMS | Serial Entrepreneur 

"I have learned a lot from Kip Brooks and Marina Brooks. Such a powerful couple. They will help you get to that next step in your life or business. Kip and Marina I appreciate you so much. Thank you for giving me the tools to grow."

O.J. ROUNCE | The Intimate Chef/Hypnotherapist 

Imagine hearing your clients say they've FINALLY been able to heal & release emotional suffering, mental blocks and even trauma they've been trying to heal for years, by only working with you for a few hours!

The Root Cause Release™ Training, Mentorship & Certification Program


The 6-Month Training, Mentorship & Certification Program Includes:

  • 10 video modules packed with value & content — Learn at your own pace from the comfort of your home, pause to take notes, and rewatch as much as you like.
  • Learn powerful Root Cause Release™ techniques including — Releasing Negative Emotions, Releasing Limiting Beliefs, Releasing Anxiety, Releasing Phobia & Trauma, Putting a Positive Goal in the Future, and more!
  • ​2 live group coaching calls every month with your trainers & mentors Kip & Marina — In these live 2-hour sessions you get all your questions about the content answered, receive direct coaching to help you breakthrough your own blocks, as well as personalized solutions when you begin working with clients.
  • Up to 3 hours of private coaching with Kip or Marina — Whether you need a quick 15-minute check-in or an hour-long release session, we are here for you!
  • ​​Weekly tasks, worksheets & scripts — Setting you up for the highest level of success!
  • Connect with a Training & Accountability Partner — Giving you plenty of practice to build your confidence and collect testimonials.
  • Access to an exclusive private Facebook group — Get your questions answered between coaching calls, get support from our amazing student community, share your wins and celebrate your successes!
  • A beautifully curated membership site — Everything you need in one place!
  • Lifetime access to the training modules & material — Including all worksheets and scripts.
  • Full Certification as a Root Cause Release™ Practitioner*

*Upon successfully passing exam and other requirements such as video submissions and certification fee payment.

Gain the skills to get better results faster and the confidence to charge more without working more hours so that you can finally live the life you deserve!

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